Daniel Loewenthal, Editor

Daniel Loewenthal is feature film editor who has worked in New York, Los Angeles, and on location in many different countries. He has over 40 feature film and long form documentary credits. Since the 80s he’s edited studio films for Paramount, Orion, MGM Turner Productions, as well as many independent films. Many of the pictures Mr. Loewenthal has edited have had major box office and festival success (Sundance, Palm Springs, Cannes, Tribeca, Berlin and South by Southwest, among others).

His credits include Ice, The Cutting Edge, Voices in Wartime, The Music in You, Missing in Action, Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, Friday the 13th Part IV, Cadillac Ranch, and Red Scorpion. An independent film, Hard Choices, edited by Mr. Loewenthal was touted as a ’10 best of the year’ pick by major film critics. Presently, Mr. Loewenthal divides his time between teaching film editing at Montclair State and Hofstra Universities and producing and directing documentaries. He also edits independent films and works on his own video art projects.

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