Abdulai Jalloh, Co-Producer

Abdulai Jalloh

Abdulai Jalloh is a Guinean-born film director and producer.Among his film projects is An Artist Profile: Ibrahim Jalloh, Anti violence PSA, and If You Had 24 Hours to Live What Would You Do? which received several thousand views on YouTube and Facebook.

Abdulai recently founded Borderline Pictures, a multimedia production company based in NYC. Current productions include Africa: Inside/Out, a series spotlighting the affects of the Diaspora and a reexamination of Africa through the eyes of its people.

Born in a small village in western Guinea to Mamadou Binta and Alpha Bailo Jalloh, a tailor, Abdulai is from one of the largest tribes in Africa, the Fulani.Named after his grandfather, who founded the village of Madina where he was born, Abdulai is the oldest of seven children.  Forced to leave his family behind, his father moved to the United States in 1997. Years later, his mother followed.In March 2007, Abdulai and his remaining siblings finally rejoined his family in Brooklyn.

Abdulai discovered his passion for filmmaking while interning at Reel Lives, a non-profit organization working with marginalized youths from all over the world to use media as a platform to express their ideas and concerns. Abdulai developed an abiding friendship with its founder, who inspired him to pursue a career in film. Abdulai returned the favor and now mentors students at the organization.

Abdulai attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College, later transferring to Hunter College, where he’s currently majoring in political science and film.

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