The Story

Six refugees flee a civil war and head to the one place where no one will follow them – the Haunted City.


The Spectral City is a drama/war/supernatural story.  Set in the present day in an unspecified country, the series focuses on the journey of six civil war refugees. Each struggles with unique internal and external problems, but all are bound together in their search for the White Witch, who lives at the center of the Haunted City.

The civil war has dragged on for decades with no end in sight. Both the rebels and government troops have committed atrocities, and civilians have paid the price. Some paramilitary groups—the Tacticals, or Taks—have become freelancers, working for whichever side pays, or setting up shop as local crime lords.

Deserters from both sides have formed bandit gangs that shake down civilians and hijack cars on the highway. Civilian passage between districts is illegal. Coyotes (smugglers) provide a lucrative illegal immigration service. And slavers kidnap the unwary and sell them to mining companies. Electricity, gasoline, food, phone service, clean water, police protection—these have become luxuries in many areas.

Our heroes and heroines come from all walks of life and social strata. They meet through a series of both chance and planned encounters, and end up on the road together, searching for sanctuary from the war. But the only place that seems safe is the one spot where no one wants to go—the Haunted City.

Some say it was flattened by a nuke, others that it was the plague, still others blame sorcery. But no one’s lived there in over 20 years. It’s rumored that demons and ghosts roam the streets. No one who goes in ever comes out. And at the heart of the city sits the White Witch, who is either a powerful myth or a horrific reality.

And yet, our group seems drawn to both the city and the Witch. She appears to be calling them but also setting obstacles in their way. Is she testing them? Merely playing with them? Is she even real, or is the pressure of the war breaking our characters’ sanity? Much of the series deals with the quests that have brought each member of the group to this place. Some are seeking salvation, others a miracle. Some just have nowhere else to go.